Wednesday, January 9, 2013


     Hello.  This is a blog I've made for my creative writing class at Eastern Michigan University.  My name is Kevin Sanchez. I am taking this class to obtain the credits I need in order to receive financial aid.  I have one class left for my major, then I will be done.  This is not that class.  I signed up for this class because as a History major I have been writing strict, colorless research papers for the past several years and I'd like to add a little spice to this semester. So look out! I am looking to break free of the script and add some pigment to my academic tapestry.  With as little source citing as I can.
     Out side of school I maintain a busy life.  With three and a half dogs, two cats, a band, a soccer team, full time work, and a wife I have but little time for the pleasantries of homework.  I'll make the best out of the time I have. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I am going to enjoy creating it.

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