Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a few poems

These poems are not from class, they are just a few I wrote long ago. Before all this.

This first one is inspired by a Calvin and Hobbs comic.

I AM SIGNAFICANT! Is what I will commonly yell to the sky in frustration.  I am significant, I will whisper in loneliness when I hear no response.  The sky will not yell back, it will not even hear me, because my voice is so small.  To an ant I am a mountain, to a rabbit I am huge, to a bear I am little, but to a tree I am small.  To a mountain I am an ant, and to the ocean, I am no bigger than a piece of sand, and to the Earth I am nothing more than an unnoticeable speck of nothing.  To the sun the earth is small, and to the solar system the earth is nothing but a piece of sand, and to the Galaxy the Earth is an undetectable bit of nothing at all.  Yet to the Universe the galaxy is only a tiny speck of light whose absence would not be seen.  So me, as a speck of sand to a speck of sand will not be heard, or responded to by the many specks of sand that make up our existence.

After my plea to the sky I will ask my self, why go on?  I will say whats the point in my doing anything if I am nothing to everything?  Why should I set goals, and even try to make a difference?  What is the point of it all?  Why am I in this building, what am I trying to accomplish?  What good can I be, as a tiny piece of sand?  These questions I ask only my self, and in the deep regions of my being I hear one word, whispering back at me in soothing tone, one word.


Breathe and keep breathing and don’t stop until your final breath.  A laugh is a form of breath, as is a deep sigh.  Just keep breathing, and use your breath to spread goodness and health to the ants who hold theirs.  Never save your breath, never keep quiet, never stifle a cry or hesitate to say the words, I am significant. As long as I have my breath, I can go on.

As I climb the mountain that is my life, I must breathe the thin air, and see the details of where I am.  And when I reach the top, when I complete my goals, I must not stay in awe of the sight from there; but return to the ground with Knowledge and wisdom.  I must not be afraid of the sky, but continue shining my flashlight up so that they know where I am.  I must constantly change my self, so that I might someday inspire others.  I must examine the finest details everywhere I go so that I might someday notice that the most important thing to an ant can be the simple movement of a piece of sand.

This is a song I wrote, it was one of those "wake up in the middle of the night" eureka moments.


I know you and you hate everyone
Cause the've counted the things you've never done
and you'll get around to it

Forget your line and come in after Q
They'll resent it but they'll forgive you
and hold on to those times
you've done

I have so many things I want to say
but can't figure out how to talk today
but i've got a few songs
to sing

The word don't walked into me one time
it asking me if I could spare a dime
I looked it in the eye
and said i'm broke

This may me just a wasted sentiment
but it will settle like all things sediment
and the rivers of our lives
reveal us.

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