Sunday, March 10, 2013

I think i'm going to like essays

I figured it out.  The reason I have been so critical about all the poetry and fiction we have read is because none of it was real.  It's the difference between a painting of a road, and the road it's self.  The artist can never include every fine detail of the road so he or she has to stylize the painting in order to make it FEEL more like a road.  But if you were to walk into that painting, and look at the road up close you would see that the tiny craters in the pebbles spread across the asphalt are not there, the underside of a leaf is not there.  All the things you can't see from a distance are sadly missing.  An essay, non-fiction, includes these things.  The challenge is to pick a subject and write in a style that remains entertaining.  A talented writer can include all the emotions and and color of the landscape because it actually happened, they already know how they felt in the story, and the results are beautiful.
The preface, introduction and first short in the book "In Short" are three finely crafted pieces of writing. All bringing the reader into the memories of the authors.  All three make the reader feel the situation like they lived it, and they become part of you.  Instead of just a story that reminds us of dreams, these shorts make the reader engage is creative story telling, and incredible things that actually happened.  All three piices are meaningful, filled with humanness and elegant.  Lenses by Annie Dillard is a simple story that not only tells of a beautiful memory of swans flying around a pond, but beings the reader to become a third party in the life of Annie Dillard as a child.  She brings it together so well, the language is concise, poignant, and just colorful enough to give the reader the tools to create the picture.  It is refreshing to read this kind of work that is based in this incredible world, not made up or cryptic.  I am excited to get this started, this is my style of writing. The one drawback to creative essay writing is how easily stories can be written.  There is a less creation, and more regurgitation. The challenge is to bring that memory to life and make the reader see through the authors minds eye.  
We all have memories. We've all lived incredible stories. 

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  1. Great responses here the past couple of weeks, thoughtful and well done.